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On 19th July 2013 (Brian's Birthday) The Montreux Jazz Festival Hosted The Penultimate Concert Of Brian And Kerry's Acoustic By Candlelight Tour It Was Their First Appearance Together At The Festival. The Show Features A Wide Range Of Songs, From Queen Classics Like “We Will Rock You”, “Love Of My Life” And “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” To The Oscar-Winning “The Way We Were”, As Well As Lesser-Known Gems Like “Dust In The Wind” And “Life Is Real”, All Of Them Performed Beautifully By Brian And Kerry In Stripped Down Arrangements Which Allow The Songs To Shine Through With Unusual Clarity And Passion. Significantly, This Was Also The First Live Performance Ever In Montreux Of “No-One But You”, A Song Brian Was Inspired To Write In The City During The Unveiling Of The Freddie Mercury Statue In 1996. This Is Ellis And May Live At Their Very Best. Also Included In This Package Is The “Acoustic By Candlelight” Cd, Featuring Fifteen Live Performances Recorded On Brian And Kerry's 2012 Born Free Tour In The Uk. This Album Contains Four Live Songs Not Available Anywhere Else: “I Can't Be Your Friend”, “I Loved A Butterfly”, “I'm Not That Girl” And “In The Bleak Midwinter”. Tracklist: 01. I Who Have Nothing 02. Dust In The Wind 03. Born Free 04. Somebody To Love 05. Nothing Really Has Changed 06. Life Is Real 07. The Way We Were 08. '39 09. Something 10. Last Horizon 11. Love Of My Life 12. The Kissing Me Song 13. Tie Your Mother Down 14. We Will Rock You 15. No-One But You (Only T...
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