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Detective Lane Brody and Monroe Donovan, The Northland Chronicles' newest female crime reporter, are face-to-face with a chance for happiness. Then Brody's wife--incarcerated in a mental institution after murdering the man she took as a lover--begins to recover.Now Monroe wants to put distance between herself and Brody, but Brody is under orders to keep Monroe close in order to nab the Penny Killer who leaves macabre gifts on his victims in Monroe's name.As the body count rises and the Penny Killer grows more enamored with Monroe, Brody decides if he can't spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves, he'll gladly die to protect her.REVIEWS:"...quite interesting and well done." ~In D'tale MagazineTHE NORTHLAND CRIME CHRONICLES, in series order Death NoticeDeath OfferingsTHE ISLE OF FANGS SERIES, in orderLiberty AwakenedLiberty DividedMEET ALICIA DEAN:Award-winning author Alicia Dean loves creating spine-chilling stories that keep her readers on the edge of their seats. A long-time Oklahoma resident, when Alicia isn't writing, she enjoys cheering on the Cincinnati Reds.

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