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Mantova (Mantua), the capital of Matilde di Canossa and of the Gonzaga family, is an enchanted island surrounded by three lakes formed by the Mincio. The monumental scenography of the Gonzaga period, the marvelous frescoes of the Mantegna family, the splendid inventions of Giulio Romano in the Tea Palace, the churches; the patrician houses narrate the history.This is a guide to the art city of Mantua, for a visit lasting one, two, three or more days.There are extensive descriptions and color photos of the attractions: museums, churches, piazzas.There are descriptions on how to get to Mantua, by train, by driving or flying to the city.The guide is divided in sections covering short visits to the ""must see"" attractions and an itinerary for a multi-day complete visit to all the attractions available.

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