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The Railways play a significant role in strengthening the volume of traffic as well as in providing better services to the passengers. The railway services should come up and encourage the passengers to opt for train travel. The Indian Railways is a historical legacy, is a vital force in Indian economy. India is a country with the largest railway network in Asia. The total length of railway tracks in India is about 1,14,000 kilometers and the Indian Railways is known to have a multigauge and multifraction system. It maneuvers both long distance and suburban rail systems. Indian Railways not only enjoys the monopoly but it is also one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. This study aims to examine the factors influencing the passengers to prefer train travel, the level of awareness, the level of opinion and the satisfaction level of the passengers about the services offered by the Indian Railways and the problems faced by the passengers both at the station and on-board and to suggest ways and means to improve its service. The analysis would be beneficial to the Railway Authorities to take action in improving the railway services offered to the passengers.
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