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Clarke engages in a thorough and captivating assessment of the numerous fatwas issued in the context of global Islamic legal scholarship concerning medical ethics, in particular, medically assisted conception . . . This book will be of considerable interest to scholars in the areas of gender and health, reproduction and reproductive technologies, Islamicists, and those engaged in comparative kinship studies. Cont IslamThe book is theoretically sophisticated, beautifully written, and brilliantly cohesive . . . Most admirable is the endeavour to analyse the perspectives revealed "on their own terms" within the societies that produce them. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute[A] fascinating and well-written book . . . By thinking through anthropological and Islamic debates of assisted conception in a Middle Eastern setting, Islam and New Kinship is highly valuable for students and scholars interested in medical anthropology, kinship studies, Middle Eastern studies, as well as science and technology studies. Social AnthropologyIn this very detailed examination . . . Clarke presents a nuanced look at how both individuals and institutions interpret or manipulate Islamic teachings and concepts . . . the book represents an outstanding piece of scholarship for anyone interested in Islam, kinship, medical anthropology, or gender studies. Highly recommended. ChoiceThis book is a mine of information, carefully researched and lucidly argued. It opens up a fascinating pro...
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