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The author writes evocative, succinct, graphic poems portraying the lives of five women who survived great hardship. Through carefully crafted persona prose poetry, Hall captures the anguish of these women who despite their tumultuous childhoods achieved prominence. Hall's bountiful reservoir of metaphor is unmatched. - Helen Jackman Each poem reflects change and transition as the women selected for this book of poetry face the obstacles and the triumphs of their lives. Hall offers a unique perspective as she unravels the universal angst that propels the creative spirit. These women are the stuff of legend, yet Hall exposes their vulnerablility with care and empathy. - Beverly MelleMartha Deborah Hall clearly understands conflict, loss, abandonment and survival. Often simple, always concise, "Inside Out" stirs intense emotion to the core of your soul. With flashes of revelation Martha Deborah Hall takes you exactly where she wants; to the in-depth understanding you would never expect of five very accomplished women. - Rita Ralston
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