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People love to hear the familiar Christmas stories during the season of Advent. No matter how creative one might be with different approaches to Christmas preaching, for most it just doesn’t seem the same without angels and shepherds and magi, without Mary and Joseph (and even wicked king Herod), and certainly without the child born in the manger! This leaves the preacher with four chapters of the scriptures, Matthew 1–2 and Luke 1–2, as the primary resources for the season. Preaching from these chapters for three years, much less thirty years, is a challenge. We are either left with preaching the same sermons, sometimes under different titles, or we need to think about Christmas preaching more creatively.The Birth of Jesus the Messiah combines thematic commentary on the birth stories of Matthew and Luke with preaching and teaching ideas. Biblical themes flowing through each birth narrative, set forth by the Gospel writers themselves, inspire fresh sermon series ideas for the Advent season. Over thirty sermon series ideas include “In the Shadow of Herod,” “Advent at Risk: Women in Jesus’ Genealogy,” “Covenants for Christmas,” “Luke’s Symphony,” “Angels in Advent: Don’t Be Afraid.” Engage with The Birth of Jesus the Messiah as a fresh starting point and annual resource for planning your Advent and Christmas preaching.
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