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In Greek, the language of the New Testament, there are four words for love--agape, philia, storge, and eros--but no matter what the Greek word is, the English equivalent is always love. The most used Greek word for love in the NT is agape, the noblest word for self-sacrificial love. The second-most used word for love in the NT is philia, brotherly or sisterly affectionate love between equals. The third word for love in Greek is storge, which refers to love that is based in one's nature, such as the natural affection of parents toward children. The fourth Greek word for love is eros, which does not appear in the NT. It is the love of sexual passion, intimate love, and romantic love. Each entry in all six chapters of this book follows a five-part exercise: (1) title; (2) a short quotation from Scripture; (3) a two-paragraph reflection on the use of love in the quotation; (4) a journal/meditation question to help the reader connect the reflection to his or her own life; and (5) a short prayer. The process is an exercise in spirituality--that is, the way one is in the divine's presence.Mark G. Boyer has been writing books on biblical, liturgical, and devotional spirituality for thirty years. He has written sixty spirituality-based volumes that prompt the reader to recognize the divine in everyday life. This is his twentieth Wipf & Stock title, his second book with Ver Miller, and his first book with Cole.Corbin S. Cole, a student at Missouri State University, majoring...
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