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People who perceive they have a positive Quality of Life (QOL) and who demonstrate positive health habits usually function with decreased levels of depression and anxiety and with increased levels of optimism. Health psychology research supports the fact that increased levels of optimism are associated with greater levels of subjective well-being, self-efficacy, and self-esteem, resulting in fewer sick days and longer life. People with a positive QOL are able to manage stress in their lives in a positive manner, thereby withstanding the multiple negative effects of stress upon the overall being.While many people talk about life quality, few have had the opportunity to actually measure or develop a way to enhance their QOL. This workbook has both; a valid and reliable measure of QOL plus a behaviorally based method for building or rebuilding a positive QOL.Utilizing the results of Health Psychology research, the author has provided the reader with an easy to understand approach and a systematic method that, if followed, allows the individual to make initial as well as long-term positive behavioral change.Suitable for all individuals who desire to plan for a positive QOL, the workbook is recommended for people in recovery from substance abuse, foster children moving on to independence, a couple who has just started a family, or persons ready to retire. These examples identify special life situations that require thoughtful planning in order to achieve realistic goals. Many peop...
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