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Texans are indebted to the strong, determined women who challenged society's structure and gave us role models to follow. This book profiles notable women in Texas who challenged the structure of society to succeed in a male-dominated world. The women include pioneers in all walks of life, including women's suffrage, civil rights, education, politics, and much more. Women profiled include Christia V. Daniels Adair, Annie Blanton, Mary Brackenridge, Linda Chavez-Thompson, Maggie Cousins, Olive Ann Fairchild, Sissy Farenthold, Bette Graham, Oveta Culp Hobby, Mary Austin Holley, Lizzie Johnson, Margo Jones, Lucy Ann Kidd-Key, Jane McCallum, Patricia McCormick, Irma Rangel, Elizabeth Watson and Judith Zaffirini.
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