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This book is intended for use by students who are studying Linguistics for the first time and are being introduced to Phonology as novices. From my experience as a Phonetics and Phonology teacher, such students find it difficult to adjust with the new symbols and terminology they are meeting for the first time. The book therefore tries to make students who are interested in language to understand the importance of knowing phonology, and introduces the main units and concepts of the disciple. Since the book is mainly intended as an introduction to phonology for beginners, I consider it appropriate to go straight into the fundamental component of phonology – which is the phoneme –and to give the students many exercises that will enable them to put into practice what they have learned theoretically. An additional element about this book is that I have preferred to emphasize on segmental phonology, syllables, and a brief mention of tone, stress and intonation, in other to give the students a firm and thorough background of phonology that will prepare them for a more advanced phonological study. The book contains many exercises to equip the students with enough practical work
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