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New Voyages to Carolina offers a bold new approach for understanding and telling North Carolina's history. Recognizing the need for such a fresh approach and reflecting a generation of recent scholarship, eighteen distinguished authors have sculpted a broad, inclusive narrative of the state's evolution over more than four centuries. The volume provides new lenses and provocative possibilities for reimagining the state's past. Transcending traditional markers of wars and elections, the contributors map out a new chronology encompassing geological realities; the unappreciated presence of Indians, blacks, and women; religious and cultural influences; and abiding preferences for industrial development within the limits of "progressive" politics. While challenging traditional story lines, the authors frame a candid tale of the state's development. Contributors: Dorothea V. Ames, East Carolina UniversityKarl E. Campbell, Appalachian State UniversityJames C. Cobb, University of GeorgiaPeter A. Coclanis, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillStephen Feeley, McDaniel CollegeJerry Gershenhorn, North Carolina Central UniversityGlenda Elizabeth Gilmore, Yale UniversityPatrick Huber, Missouri University of Science and TechnologyCharles F. Irons, Elon UniversityDavid Moore, Warren Wilson CollegeMichael Leroy Oberg, State University of New York, College at GeneseoStanley R. Riggs, East Carolina UniversityRichard D. Starnes, Western Carolina UniversityCarole Watt...
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