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r edward gosnell compiled from the year book of british columbia and manual of provincial information to which is added a chapter containing much special information yukon and northern territory generally купить по лучшей цене

In 1992, the author began writing a genealogical column, titled, "What's in a Name," for the Suwanee Democrat in Live Oak, Florida. Upon the request that he publish his findings in book form, he compiled the information into the work provided here. Mr. Bennett was able to find significant amounts of information dealing with Suwanee County, and although the county was not officially formed until 1858, he "discovered a great deal of information predating that time." The majority of the information transcribed here is from the 19th century, but there is some from both the 18th and 20th centuries as well. The book begins with a chapter discussing some basic information regarding genealogical research, and is followed by a chapter containing a general history of Suwanee County, a timeline of important events, and biographical sketches of many early settlers. In the next eight chapters, Mr. Bennett transcribes data from a variety of records containing valuable genealogical information, including land grants, voter lists, wills, probate records, military and pension records, marriage records, tax lists, and court cases. Yet another chapter covers area cemeteries and burials of residents born before 1850. The last chapter contains articles to help one "discover how the settlers came to this area [Suwanee County] and where they came from." There is a detailed table of contents and a surname index to aid the researcher. This is the best available source pert...
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