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We live in a performance-driven world--a world that measures our status through results and accomplishments. The reality is that we shift this kind of thinking on God. We create a performance-driven God and fool ourselves into thinking that God's expectations must be achieved, or we are doomed. But the truth is that God is not a God who expects performance. Rather, He is a God of grace. He understands that we will fail, and that is why He redeems us in Christ.In Lessons Learned from Jonah, Robert Snitko examines the grace that God offers to Jonah, regardless of his constant failure. The book of Jonah is filled with the exact imprint of who we are as fallen human beings, along with our sinful tendencies to run away from God in the moments when He calls us to obedience. Yet God, in His sovereignty, is seeking redemption and restoration with His people through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Join the journey of experiencing God's grace in this devotional through the narrative of Jonah.""I'm interested in devotionals that cause me to dive deep into scripture, spotlight areas for growth, and lead me back to Christ's grace. Robert Snitko has delivered! Our family of six loved using Lessons Learned from Jonah for our family devotions, and now I can't wait to get it in the hands of my church family.""--Brian Jennings, Lead Minister, Highland Park Christian Church""Robert's writing is heartfelt, Christ-centered, scriptural, and accu...

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