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Chris Neil—or Christopher, as his mother, Bonnie, called him—grew upwith the ambition and desire to be an NHL hockey player. Through gritand determination, he achieved his goal and left an indelible mark onthe Ottawa Senators franchise.Christopher spent many hours as a youngster in Ron and Cathy Pegg’shome, providing the author with personal, first-hand knowledge of Neilthe hockey player and the man. That friendship continues to this day. Inthis engaging biography, you’ll meet the Neil family and thepersonalities from the world of hockey that guided and formed Chris Neilthroughout his life—a life of athletics, community involvement, andfaith.Christopher played over a thousand games in the NHL, all as a memberof the Ottawa Senators. He became one of just over fifty players in thehistory of the league to play a thousand games with one team. The onethousandth game was played in Los Angeles, with his wife, Cait, and allthe members of the Pegg family present.Christopher is not the final word on Neil’s career, as hecontinues to serve the hockey community off the ice, but it does tellthe tale of a life well lived so far and will inspire hockey fans andpeople of faith alike.
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