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Resilience God Style derives its primary content from Resilient Warriors, published in 2011. Since that time, the Resilient Warriors content (and the associated Resilient Warriors Advanced Study Guide) has proven relevant and popular across a wide range of venues, particularly as the primary texts for thousands of resilience students in psychology and counseling courses at Liberty University. Resilient Warriors content, now rebranded as "Resilience God Style," has also fueled hundreds of faith-based resilience presentations, training seminars, conferences, and small group studies. The Resilience God Style book has a companion Resilience God Style Study Guide for personal and small group use, helping one personalize applications of the content. As well, this Resilience God Style book content is further amplified in the Resilience God Style Video Series, a nine-week study program for churches, small groups, and other organizations. Finally, the Resilience God Style Training Game is available as a fun, dynamic, and educational faith-based board game for home schoolers, Christian schools, and multi-generational family use. We use the term resilience to describe the process of bouncing back, as well as "upstream" actions to prepare for the "storms of life" and to weather these storms "until the destruction passes by¿" (Psalm 57:1b) This resilience is a critical life skill for all of us, recognizing that adversity is an enduring reality and part of t...
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