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Enter through the portal and into the Earthen Realm that is filled with both magic and darkness. Twenty years ago, war had been declared within the realm as bloodshed of the innocent Earthen creatures, and the murders of the Seelie Court have been spilled due to Brun Darkmoon and his army of Rebels. Where darkness reigned heavy within the Earthen realm, hope appeared as a flicker of light posing itself as a new born infant. The Earthen Realm's savior, Faylinn Morning Dove, is forced to leave the realm to escape persecution, and into the Human Realm where she would live out her life safely until her twentieth birthday. Savior. Chosen. When Faylinn turns twenty, her power that had been bonded is now restored in full as she enters through the portal and into the Earthen Realm. It is there in the realm, when she discovers her true identity and learns that she is more than just one of the Fae Folk, but she is indeed the Earthen Queen. Learning how to control her power, Faylinn discovers that the blood that binds her is more than what she may have realized, but it is in fact tainted by another source. Join Faylinn Morning Dove and the other Earthen creatures of the Realm, in the first exciting and exhilarating installment ofTheEarthen Saga.Earthenis packed with Celtic mythology Earthen Gods, and an enchanting world that will take readers for a ride. War has been declaredwhich side are you on?

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