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John and Shawn are the best of pals. One day, Shawn was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and has months left to live. Shawn gets hospitalised. Left with insufficient time, it is a race against time for both friends to spend as much time together before Shawn departs the planet altogether. Both friends decide to meet up every Sunday, at Shawn's hospital bed-side to discuss various issues in life. Before Shawn's life comes to a close, John managed to learn 7 vital lessons from Shawn. John's weekly meetings with Shawn dramatically improved John's life for the better. John rediscovered his meaning in life, and vowed to live his life to the fullest with the newfound knowledge that he obtained through discussions with Shawn.This book is an uplifting story, whereby one can still find some positive outcome no matter how hopeless the situation might be. This book also teaches us several important life lessons that we can apply to our lives from the discussions between John and Shawn.
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