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...I wrote these books in a style I call "Purposeful Imperfection" because I believe in making mistakes that matter...and because I hate following some one else's rules...more importantly I wrote them because I want to tell you something that I've never told another soul, I want it to be something no one has ever told you either...something you never expected to hear from another human being as long as you lived...I want it to change your life like only truth can, in a way that is profound and forever...I want you to weep when you hear it...tears of complete and utter enlightenment born form your soul's own eye...I want you to laugh too, when you feel every cell in your body come alive with meaningful delight, as my words make love to your heart with such delicate poetry that you are sure you'll lay in them every night before you sleep...I write what I feel, as I feel it (and I live as I feel it too) without regard to punctuation (or patriarchs) or the rules of grammar/society . . . because Life doesn't follow "the rules" so why should I? Why should my writing/living? Why should any of us ever do what we're told if it's not what we FEEL in our hearts? I reject the idea of living according to someone else's rules . . . and so should you . . . do something original, create a new style!

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