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the shameful discipline of the schools expos d or whipping an improper punishment for youth by an enemy to the infamous practice of flogging but a friend to a mild and generous treatment of young gentlemen at school as most likely to answer al купить по лучшей цене

Are teachers ever given the credit and respect they deserve? Is there aplace where they can go to be treated as intelligent professionalsrather than as underpaid tools of school administrations or the government?For some teachers the answer to these questions is, finally, yes!The focus of A Place for Teacher Renewal is the North Carolina Center forthe Advancement of Teaching, a state-funded university-based program, locatedin the Western North Carolina mountains, and designed to renew and retainteachers of all kinds. As an exemplary teacher renewal and staff developmentprogram, NCCAT strengthens teachers' commitment to their practice by offeringoutstanding teachers the opportunity for intensive personal investigationinto topics inside or outside of their specialties. This hands-on study-extensive,concrete, and engaging-is just what many teachers need. After thetediousness and hectic pace of classroom life, they need a chance to use theirintellect just for themselves. Teachers given a chance to express their full adultselves, a chance to be renewed by intellectual challenge, a chance to be valuedas competent professionals, are more likely to stay in the profession.Chapters provide the reader with an historical perspective on the Center,arguments for the rationale of the Center, an overview of the programsoffered, the roles of administration and evaluation in the creation and continuedsuccess of the Center, and NCCAT's future role in teacher renewal.Many chapters are wr...
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