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This book examines visual data use with students (PK-16) as well as in pre-service in- service scienceteacher preparation. Each chapter includes discussion about the current state of the art with respect toscience classroom application and utilization of the particular visual data targeted by the author(s),discussion and explanation about the targeted visual data as applied by the author in his/her classroom, useof visual data as a diagnostic tool, its use as an assessment tool, and discussion of implications for scienceteaching and/or science teacher preparation.Although the body of research and practice in this field is growing, there remains a gap in the literatureabout clearly explicating the use of visual data in the science classroom. A growing body of literaturediscusses what visual data are (although this topic is still viewed as being at the beginning of itsdevelopment in educators' thinking), and there are some scattered examples of studies exploring the use ofvisual data in science classrooms, although those studies have not necessarily clearly identified their foci asvisual data, per se. As interest and attention has become more focused on visual data, a logical progressionof questioning has been how visual data are actually applied in the science classroom, whether it be early elementary, college, or somewhere inbetween. Visual data applications of interest to the science education community include how it is identified, how it can be used with students and h...
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