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This is the twenty-second book in this series on Maryland families. The author, already renowned for his works on the Beckwith, Bowman, Brandenburg, Browning, Burdette, Fisher, Fry, Fulks, Gue, Hines, Hurley, King, Lewis, Lowder, Maddox, Miles, Mullinix-Mulleneaux, Neikirk, Perry, Pratt, Purdum, Soper, Stottlemyer, Walker, Warfield, Watkins and White families, now turns his attention to the Davis families of Montgomery County, Maryland.The families surveyed in this work are not the descendants of a common ancestor. Although their origins can be traced back to several branches of an extended family tree, early connections are not readily apparent. Members of the Davis family are known to have arrived in America early in the Colonial period and in great numbers, both as free men and indentured servants. Thomas Davis (1613–1683) is reported to be the earliest American-born ancestor of at least one branch of the Davis families found in Montgomery County. He was the son of the original Davis immigrant, Captain James Davis (born c. 1575). Although Mr. Hurley has chosen to focus on Montgomery County Davis’s, chapters are included on Davis family members in Frederick County and Prince George’s County, as well as miscellaneous families and family members throughout the state of Maryland. The text is indexed for full names and includes an extensive bibliography.

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