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The idea of “conscious leadership” is becoming more widely recognized as a difference maker in leading organizations, not to mention something the global community is hungry for. But how do you take conscious leadership from idea to practice? How do you make it your day-to-day operating system?If these questions grab your imagination, then A Sacred Trust is an important book for you. Its pages expertly guide you in a profound personal discovery process. In language that is inspiring, yet also down to earth and accessible, the book meets you wherever you are on your journey of becoming a more conscious leader. It opens up a rich inner conversation that you cannot come away from unchanged.A Sacred Trust begins with an immersion into the one way of being that sets conscious leadership apart. The book then invites you into a personal relationship with each of the Four Disciplines—Inspiration, Integrity, Courage, and Clarity—that define a conscious leader. It finishes by giving you the one word that will do more than anything else to help you become a more powerful creative force in your own life, and in your world.If you want your experience of life and your approach to leadership to be even more deeply fulfilling and effective; if you intuitively resonate with the idea that leadership is a calling, and that to lead with fierce and loving intention is a “sacred trust;” and if you are ready for a practical guide on that path—then this book is for you.
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