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3 BOOKS IN 1 DEAL INCLUDE: BOOK 1 - WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT CYBERSECURITY BOOK 2 - HOW TO GET A JOB IN CYBERSECURITY BOOK 3 - HOW TO DEFEND AGAINST HACKERS & MALWAREIN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN: What types of roles exist in the field of Cybersecurity What Key Concepts & Methodologies you must learn in Cybersecurity What are the Key technologies that you should be aware How to get started in the field of Cybersecurity. What kind of Cybersecurity Entry Level Salary you can expect How to plan and achieve a realistic targets, using networking skills Comprehend market hypes revolving around education and certifications How to overcome obstructions and get things done How to become a project oriented Security Professional What kind of Mindset you must have in Cybersecurity How to express your unique voice in Cybersecurity What HR and hiring managers expect from you How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get recruiters to find you How to enhance your LinkedIn profile to vastly rank yourself How to get real life experience in Information Technology How to get working experience by working for free How to increase your chances to get a Security job How you can get references, while making good money How you can build your personal brand in Cybersecurity How you can market yourself by providing value How to network and make your presents visible How to find the perfect employer in Cybersecurity What responsibilities employers expect from you How to become more valuable than ...
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