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Doctrine provides a military organization with unity of effort and a common philosophy, language, and purpose. This document is the Army's keystone doctrine for fighting and sustaining aviation brigades. This field manual (FM) is intended for all aviation commanders, staffs, and any United States (U.S.) military personnel expecting to conduct operations with Army aviation units. The operational concepts described in this manual reinforce fundamental principles found in Army doctrine. It provides overarching doctrinal guidance for employing aviation brigades in full spectrum operations and a foundation for developing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) in other/follow-on Army manuals. Chapter 1 focuses on aviation brigade organizations and missions and provides aviation brigade fundamentals for reader consideration. Chapter 2 provides doctrine for organizing operations' command and control (C2) systems. Itprovides the organization for command post (CP) structure and general guides for roles and functions of CPs and their cells. Chapter 2 also describes duties of brigade leaders and staff. Chapter 3 discusses employment of the aviation brigade, planning considerations, and airground integration. Chapter 4 focuses on the formation and employment of ABTFs. It provides considerations for task organization based on mission and theater, and discussion of aviation task forceemployment principles. Chapter 5 discusses aviation brigade maintenance and logistics providing i...
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