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Blu-ray содержит: In 2012 after nearly a decade apart original killswitch engage vocalist Jesse leach reunited with the band he helped start back in 1999. The critically acclaimed Grammy-nominated 2013 effort disarm the descent ensued. The band were once again back in the studio and back on the road where they belong eventually leading to the release of their 2016 follow-up album Incarnate. This documentary is an honest, raw look at the unique personalities behind a band who have made a name for themselves by never giving up or giving in. This is the untold story of killswitch engage. 01. Numbered Days (NE Metal & HC Fest Worcester 2012) 02. Self Revolution (NE Metal & HC Fest Worcester 2012) 03. Rose Of Sharyn (NE Metal & HC Fest Worcester 2012) 04. The Arms Of Sorrow (Download U.K. 2012) 05. The Hell In Me (Fuji Rock Japan 2012) 06. The End Of Heartache (Brixton Academy U.K. 2014) 07. Beyond The Flames (Download U.K. 2014) 08. Temple From The Within (This Is Hardcore Philly 2014) 09. Vide Infra (This Is Hardcore Philly 2014) 10. Fixation On The Darkness (Knotfest San Bernardino 2014) 11. My Last Serenade (Knotfest San Bernardino 2014) 12. Always (Monster's Mosh Worcester 2014) 13. In Due Time (Monster's Mosh Worcester 2014) 14. Strength Of The Mind (Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 2016) 15. Alone I Stand (Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 2016) 16. The New Awakening (Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 2016) 17. My Curse (Brixton Academy U.K. 2014) Plus Unique Band Member Profiles And The Latest Videos!
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